İstanbul Medya Günleri

Towards Istanbul Media Days

“Communicating Democracy and Democratizing Communication”

16-20 May, 2011

Today, we are living in a ‘digital age’ that emerged as a result of the rapid change in communication technologies. It is obvious that the media ecology has been deeply reshaped in a dynamic way and traditional media has been questioned in terms of the horizontal relations between the ‘sender’ and the ‘receiver’. Today, through citizen blogs and interactive Internet sites of the traditional media, citizens have become visible and have the chance to speak up. A big gain on the road to democratization in the digital age is citizens’ increasing participation in the production of media content. So today, media and communication still play a chief role in terms of founding a democratic society. On the other hand, they themselves need to be democratized.

As the first step of Istanbul Media Days, Istanbul Bilgi University and South and East Europe Media Organization are coordinating a one week seminar titled “Communicating Democracy and Democratizing Communication.” Under this topic, the long lasting issues of ‘freedom of speech’, ‘digital media as the fifth estate’, ‘manufacturing consent’ and other similar issues such as ‘citizen participation’, ‘civil media’ and ‘media structure effects on media freedom’ can be critically discussed. Consequently, the participants will have the chance to dwell upon several dimensions, including the political, social, legal, economic, demographic and cultural traits of the country in question. These dynamics influence the development of the media and democracy, as well as the interdependent relationship between these two.

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