Youth Media Award

The Council of Europe has launched an interesting competition called the Youth Media Award. Four winners are chosen who are awarded with thousand Euros and an invitation to visit the October 2011 session of the Parliamentary Assembly at the Council of Europe.

The competion is for people between the age of 18 and 30. The theme of it is media freedom.

There are four categories that the competitors can contribute to. Written journalism, radio journalism, videos and photography. A winning project is chosen for each of those four categories.

Each competitor can make an entry in two of these categories. The entries must be an example of original work and be submitted in either English or French. The projects must respect the values of the Council of Europe.

The entries to the competition are supposed to reflect on the positive and/or negative aspects of media freedom in the 21st century Europe. Competitors are supposed to show how freedom affects their profession. The deadline is the 1st of August 2011.

You can read more about the competition here:

Best regards,
Róbert Hlynur Baldursson
Directorate of Communication at the Council of Europe

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