Re-thinking Methodology in Communication: Bilgi IPCC & Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture Special Issue Seminar & Discussions

Re-thinking Methodology in Communication: Bilgi IPCC & Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture
Special Issue Seminar & Discussions
We are excited to invite you to partake in our discussion sessions on November 26th and 27th, organised to collectively think about the need to re-evaluate methodologies of communication and social sciences in a transforming world.

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Communication Conference (IPCC) is an annual graduate conference launched in 2018 by a group of Ph.D. students from Istanbul Bilgi University, turned into a blooming early career researcher network. Within the body of the PhD in Communication program, the idea of IPCC stemmed out of a strong belief: constructive discussions on how research studies are carried out now and how they should be carried out in the future are valuable to the discipline of communication. The outcomes of the conferences in 2018 and 2019 were published in Intellect Books’ journal, Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture’s Volume 11, Issue 1, in Spring 2020.
 This online seminar provides an opportunity for the authors of the articles in the special issue to briefly revisit their work in 15-minute presentations, leading to discussion sessions with any interested party to collaboratively think about methodology today.

If you would like to watch the presentations and participate in the discussion sessions, please fill in the form below. All participants will receive the Zoom links, one for each day, before the seminar.

Deatils and programme:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Bilgi IPCC operates within PhD in Communication Program and is supported by the Faculty of Communication and Institute of Graduate Programs at Istanbul Bilgi University.
Thursday, November 26th (GMT +3)
 Introduction Nazan Haydari, Onur Sesigür & Dilek Gürsoy – Special Issue Editors
15:30 Session 1 – Moderator: Aslı Tunç
Can Koçak – The ‘non-speaking narrator’ as a methodological tool of analysis for various practices of discourse
Zeynep Kunt – Art-based methods for Participatory Action Research (PAR)
Onur Sesigür – How to approach collecting music on streaming services

16:15Discussion session

16:45Session 2 – Moderator: Nazan Haydari
Şahika Erkonan – The politics of self-reflexivity in ethnography
Zübeyde Karagöz – An ethnography of Gazete Sujin: Women-centred journalism of Kurdish women

17:15Discussion session

17:45 End of Day 1

Friday, November 27th  (GMT +3)
 Introduction Salvatore Scifo – Editor, Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture

15:15 Session 1 – Moderator: Diğdem Sezen
Dilek Gürsoy – Tailoring a method: Adaptation of design thinking to transmedia journalism
Melike Özmen – ‘Intuition as Method’ as an approach for information design
Zeynep Merve Uygun – Negotiating boundaries in a hybrid climate: The story of a trans-disciplinary documentary film research

16:00Discussion session

16:30 Session 2 – Moderator: Salvatore Scifo
Diğdem Sezen – Without a blink: Machine ways of seeing in contemporary visual culture
Serhat Akkılıç – Understanding the representation of artificial intelligence and methodology across disciplines

17:00 Discussion session

17:30 Concluding Remarks & IPCC 2021 Announcement

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