Effects of personality traits in social media use

European Sociological Association – Sociology of Culture Conference 7-9 October Milan-Italy

Ayça Arsan Aydın

Yard. Doç. Dr. Özlem Hesapçı Sanaktekin

Effects of personality traits in social media use

The new media and convergence culture had a direct impact on media consumption. Internet, especially Web 2.0 technologies have a major role in reshaping media consumption triggering the experience of a new kind of media production with the new audience in the role of media producer. In this direction, the increasing interest of Turkish Internet users is mainly on social media. The purpose of this paper is to test the effects of extraversion, neuroticism and self-esteem on social media use. A structured questionnaire is administered to 143 social media users via an online survey system. Use of various forms of social media is explained in terms of social media usage purposes and users’ personality traits. This is a pioneering study for social media use in Turkey. The study creates awareness among Turkish media producers, content providers, and marketers on the psychological dynamics underlying the social media use.

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