MED 513 Toplumsal Cinsiyet ve Medya


           Fall 2010

Asst. Prof. Dr. Itır Erhart


Office: santralistanbul E-4 107

Office Hours: Tuesdays 14.00-16.00


Ext.: 7720

Course Description:


This course will explore the role of media in shaping gender identity and how media contributes to or undermines the gender roles that exit in our society. Gender representations in the media and their sociological implications will be analyzed. The concept of “gender as social construct”, i.e., the role of cultural, political, social and economic factors in gender identity formation will be discussed. The traditional ideas of normal and deviant in context of gender and sexual orientation and their representations in the media will also be interrogated.


Learning Outcome:


On successful completion of this course, the students will be able to identify the traditional gender roles and expectations in mainstream media; relate the breakdown of these roles to the feminist movement; identify the media influence on female and male body image, discuss the construction of masculinity as homophobia and recognize the ethical and legal dimensions of homophobia in mainstream media.


Grading: Term paper 50%, in-class presentation 30%, attendance and participation 20%


Schedule for Readings


Week 1 Welcome!


Week 2 Social Construction of Gender

S. Beauvoir, ‘The Data of Biology’ in The Second Sex

Week 3 Social Construction of Gender (cont.)


R. Barnett & C. Rivers, ‘Do the Math & The Road Ahead’ in Same Difference


Week 4 Masculinities

M. Kimmel, ‘Masculinity as Homophobia’ in The Gender of Desire

M. Ghousoub, ‘Chewing Gum, Insatiable Women and Foreign Enemies’ in Imagined Masculities


Week 5  Masculinities (cont.)

H. Daoud. ‘Those Two Heavy Wings of Manhood: On Moustaches’ in Imagined Masculinities

Kaos GL, sayı 32, Dosya: Erkeklik

Week 6 Sexual Orientation and Media

R. Barbara, Gays, Lesbians, and the Media: The Slow Road to Acceptance, USA Today Magazine, July 1996

T. Sanderson, ‘The Generations of Silence’ & ‘Evolving Gay Coverage’ in The Treatment of Male and Female Homosexuality in the British Media


Week 7 Sexual Orientation and Media


Kaos GL, Medyada Homofobiye Son!

Week 8 Gender-Bending and Media


Karen Ross, Gendered Media, Chapter 1

Week 9 Gendered Bodies and Media


Karen Ross, Gendered Media, Chapter 2


Week 10 Women and the Newsroom


Karen Ross, Gendered Media, Chapter 4


Week 11 Sporting Bodies and Media


P. Creedon, ‘Creating and Reflecting Gender Values’ in Women, Media and Sport

M. Kane ‘The Media’s Role in Accommodating and Resisting Stereotyped Images of Women’ in Sport in Women, Media and Sport


Week 12 Sporting Bodies and Media


S. Birrell, ‘Double Fault’ in Women, Media and Sport

Kaos GL, Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ: Homofobiye Kırmızı Kart

J. Wright. Sport, “Media and the Construction of Compulsory Heterosexuality”

Week 13 Wrap-Up

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