MED 522 Medya Dünyasında Etik


MED 522



Asst. Prof. Dr. Pınar Kür

Office: S-E4 105; Office Hours: Thursday 14:00-15:00



This course is designed to awaken the moral imagination of students by way of literary works.

It is assumed that since media is one of the most powerful forces in social dynamics, its ethics should be examined and defined in a wider perspective than its own terms and codes. Thus, the examination and discussion of fictional works ( from both world and Turkish literature) in which the characters are forced to make difficult moral decisions will enhance the moral imagination of the students.

The course will dwell on ethics , not as a theory of what is right or wrong, but as a human dilemma. The solutions or suggestionss of such dilemmas will then be translated into media problems.

A second focus may be introduced into the ethics of making well-known literary works into movies or TV series.

Learning Outcomes:

Through reading and in-depth discussion of several 20th century masterpieces dealing mainly with moral issues, the students will be able to develop a ‘moral imagination’ and so gain some insight into the basic responsibility of abiding by (or going against) the main moral values of different times and places and the consequences of various choices. Such insight will, it is hoped, help them when it comes to making real-life decisions and choices in their careers in different areas of the media.

Teaching & Learning Strategies

Novels, plays, films of different periods of the 20th Century will be read (as homework),  discussed  and analyzed (in class and/or in writing). The books may be read in the language of student’s choice but the discussions and papers will be in Turkish.


Attendance % 30

Midterm Examination % 20

Final Paper % 50

Calendar and Reading

Week Topic and Readings
Week 1

(The week starting on) February 11

No Lecture
Week 2

February 18

Introduction to the course
Week 3

February 25

Oscar Wilde, Dorian Gray’in Portresi, Can Yayınları.
Week 4

March 4

André Gide, Ayrı Yol, Can Yayınları.
Week 5

March 11

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Muhteşem Gatsby, Bilge Kültür Sanat.
Week 6

March 18

Albert Camus, Veba, Can Yayınları.
Week 7

March 25

Arthur Miller, The Crucible, Penguin. (“Cadı Kazanı”, M.E.B. Yayınları veya “Seçilmiş Oyunlar 1”, Adam Yayınları)
Week 8

April 1

Midterm Examination (In-class)
April 8  Spring Break
Week 9

April 15

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü, Dergah Yayınları.
Week 10

April 22

Bilge Karasu, Uzun Sürmüş Bir Günün Akşamı, Metis Yayınları.
Week 11

April 29

Orianna Fallaci, Doğmamış Çocuğa Mektup, Can Yayınları.
Week 12

May 6

Pınar Kür, Küçük Oyuncu, Everest Yayınları.
Week 13

May 13

David Mamet, Bağla Şu İşi.
Week 14

May 20

Final Papers

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