MED 523 Medyada Güncel Meseleler


MED 523

Current Issues in Media

Instructor: Prof. Haluk Şahin (Santral E4-104,

Course Title: MED 523 Current Issues in Media


This course aims at developing an evaluative scheme for the contemporary events as they are covered by media. Besides theoretical instruction, the course will involve practical interventions. Having reviewed the news, the students will be asked to write “position papers” on concrete cases evaluating them with critical eye. Media  ethics, news writing quality, investigation, impartiality, etc.  can be mentioned as main domains within which theoretical criteria will be developed and implemented in the construction of such “position papers.”


Objectives and Learning Goals:

  • To identify current controversial issues in the field of media.
  • To delineate the scope of the issue and the parties involved.
  • To relate the issue to “deep” underlying factors.
  • To compare and evaluate solutions suggested by involved parties and others.
  • To develop and defend a position on the issue that is potentially implementable.


Required (and Supplementary) Texts and Readings:

The students are advised to read Prof. Şahin’s following books to familiarize themselves with his views on the media:

Karavanadan Kafeteryaya, Dünya Yayınları, 2006.

Ötekiler, Say Yayınları, 2008.

Other readings will be assigned in accordance with issues selected.

Grading and Assessment:

Grades will be assigned to on the basis of class particapation and the final project.


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